A Solution to Fuzzy Text in PC Printing

发布日期:2023-12-28 17:15

A Solution to Fuzzy Text in PC Printing

2023-12-28 17:15
Example of printing blur:

Reason description: The printing driver may default to setting a half tone jitter effect for the printed content, resulting in blurry text. Turning off the [Halftone] function can make the printed text clearer.
  1:Click [Print] on the operation page to pop up a print preview.
  2:Click on [Advanced Settings] to view the printing mode.
  3:Select[PDF] for printing mode.
You can also click on [Settings] on the homepage, click on [Print Mode], and adjust the options of [Image] to [PDF] to solve the problem of text blur.

*The solution is applicable to version 2.5.0 and above.

1: Click on 【Settings】 to pop up a printer driver pop-up window.
2: Select 【Halftone】 to view the options for halftone, as shown in the following figure. At this time, select 【Ordered Dithering】, and the text may become blurry during printing.
  3: Adjusting the option of 【Halftone】to 【None】 can solve the problem of text blurring.
*Different printer drivers have different pages. Please adjust the halftone according to the specific display page of the printer driver