Solution to missing sqlite3.dll file


If the situation shown in the picture above occurs, there are two solutions:

Method one

1. Download the latest installation package from the official website, click the following button to download or copy and paste the URL into the browser:

2. Turn off the anti-virus software on your computer (ps: anti-virus software may intercept normal file copies) 
3. After closing the anti-virus software, open the latest downloaded Openlabel.exe installation package to overwrite the installation. 
4. After the installation is completed, it can run normally, as shown in the figure below:
Method Two:
1. Download the sqlite3.dll file from the Internet, click the button to download or copy the link to open in the browser:

2. Find the application startup icon on the computer desktop. 
3. Move the mouse over the icon, right-click, and select Open the location of the file, as shown on the right: 
4. After opening the folder, paste the downloaded file into it. 
5. After successful pasting, close the folder and click the desktop startup icon to start normally, as shown in the figure below: